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(Left to right): Owen Ryan Executive Director IAS, Le Minh Thanh Director G-link, Doan Thanh Tung Director Lighthouse Social Enterprise, Deborah Waterhouse CEO ViiV Healthcare at the International Aids Society Conference in Paris.

Photo Credit to IAS & Steve Forrest 

Zero Stigma, Discrimination & Violence to Zero HIV (Zero SDV to Zero HIV)

Grand Prize Winner: Lighthouse Social Enterpise & G-link 

Prize amount: $100,000*

Winning Innovation: Stigma and discrimination inside healthcare settings is a persistent and harmful barrier for people living with or at risk of HIV. Lighthouse and G-link’s innovation will improve access and care at health services for key populations (men who have sex with men (MSM), transgender (TG) people, sex workers, and people who inject drugs) across Vietnam.

Zero SVD to Zero HIV is an innovative and comprehensive approach aimed at increasing awarness, knowledge and skills of healthcare providers and the provision of adequate services, resources and tools. The programme will bring together community based organisations, international global partners and the local government to reduce stigma and discrimination for key populations. 

Lighthouse Social Enterprise and G-link were awarded for their innovation on stage at the International AIDS Society’s annual conference in Paris in July by CEO of ViiV Healthcare, Deborah Waterhouse and Executive Director of IAS, Owen Ryan.

Zero SDV to Zero HIV will follow a three-pronged approach:

Training and sensitising:  Stigmatised populations often suffer abuse and teasing from the very people they go to for medical care. A key element of Zero SDV to Zero HIV is training sessions for a range of healthcare providers such as doctors, nurses, security staff, pharmacist and receptionists on sexual orientation, gender identity, sexual health needs and HIV services. This will not only improve the quality of care at health clinics but also encourage key populations to seek healthcare services without fear of abuse.  

A friendly healthcare model: Technical assistance will be provided to health clinics to adapt services to meet the needs of key populations, particularly MSM and TG people.

Communications campaign:  Zero SDV to Zero HIV will implement a communications campaign to raise awareness of the importance of health care and HIV services for key populations, and to promote clinics that have demonstrated reduced stigma and discrimination towards key populations. A mobile application will be created that will allow recipients of health services to rate clinics on the level of friendliness towards stigmatised communities – creating competition between healthcare providers to improve their quality of service.

Learn more about the winners:

Lighthouse Social Enterprise is a community based organisation working with MSM and TG people in Hanoi. Their mission is to provide HIV support for MSM and TG (especially youth) and reduce stigma, discrimination and violence against these populations, while empowering the community.

G-Link is a community based organisation committed to the development of vulnerable communities, especially gay men and people living with HIV in Ho Chi Minh City. Their goal is to provide comprehensive health care services to improve the quality of life and image of gay men while enhancing community services in collaboration with key partners.

*Up to $100,000 may be awarded upon successful demonstration of proof of concept requirements