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Every Hour Matters

Grand Prize Winner: Human Network International (HNI) & The United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA) 

Prize amount: $75,000

Winning Innovation: HNI and UNFPA collaborated on a submission called ‘3-2-1 Service – Response Strategies to Violence Against Women.’ It is an on-demand information service that people can access using their own mobile phones at no cost. Callers can dial the toll-free number “3-2-1” 24 hours a day to access the information they need. In a series of "listen, then choose" steps, callers use their keypad to select from among hundreds of pre-recorded messages.

The service was launched in Cambodia last year covering six topics; Weather, Market Prices, Currency Exchange Rate, Safe Abortion, Birth Spacing & Emergency Numbers. HNI, in partnership with UNFPA will add Response Strategies to Violence Against Women as a topic to the service to raise awareness for the prevention of and response to sexual violence. It will deliver messages that inform on health risks associated with sexual violence, the importance of receiving care within 72 hours, the location of nearby services, addressing harmful gender norms and discrimination and more. 

Globally, the incidence of rape and sexual assault amongst girls, women and children is alarmingly high. Adolescent girls are at particular risk; in some countries one in three girls report a sexual assault before the age of 18. Millions are subjected to sexual assault and rape, yet the data show that very few seek potentially life-saving post-rape care services. Barriers such as fear, stigma, and lack of awareness of time-sensitive medical needs and available services, lead to both low reporting rates and care-seeking. These barriers disproportionately impact girls, young women and children. 

The challenge was launched by Positive Action Challenges in partnership with Together for Girls (TfG to increase awareness about the critical post-rape care timelines related to post-exposure prophylaxis (72 hours) and emergency contraception (120 hours) and lead to a significant increase in up-take of post-rape care services. It built on a campaign launched by TfG called Every Hour Matters which sought to raise awareness for the critical need for post-rape care.

Learn more about the winners:

The United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA) is a leading UN agency that works to deliver a world where every pregnancy is wanted, every childbirth is safe, and every young person's potential is fulfilled. UNFPA is the key development partner working with the Royal Government of Cambodia since 1993 in addressing its commitments guided by the international framework such as the ICPD Programme of Action, Millennium Development Goals and the Sustainable Development Goals. 

Human Network International (HNI) is a global development organization dedicated to bringing the benefits of technology to individuals and organizations working in the developing world. Our services enable organizations to engage traditionally difficult-to-reach populations through their mobile phones in meaningful, real-time, two-way conversations, instantly reaching across distance, language, and literacy barriers. We work with our partners to share information to those who need it and amplify the voices of the unheard.