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July 13 2016 - International media visit SWEAT´s Sex Worker Para Legal Project in Observatory, Cape Town, ahead of the 21st International AIDS Conference being held in Durban 18-22 July. Picture by David Harrison - International AIDS Society

Stamping Out Stigma

This challenge seeks technological innovations and interventions which foster sustainable collaborations between public clinics and non-governmental organisations (NGOs) to increase stigma-free access to sexual and reproductive health (SRH) and HIV services for key populations.

In collaboration with: The International AIDS Society

The International AIDS Society is the world’s largest association of HIV professionals, with members from more than 180 countries working on all fronts of the global AIDS response. The mission of the IAS is to lead collective action on every front of the global HIV response through its membership base, scientific authority, and convening power.


Incubation Prize Winner: YTH

YTH (youth + tech + health) works to advance the health of youth and young adults through technology.

Prize amount: $50,000

Innovation: YTH will refine and expand their TransCONNECT app to help educate and empower HIV-focused healthcare providers to better serve transgender-spectrum youth and young adults.  

Incubation Prize Winner: HIV/AIDS Legal Aid Network

HIV/AIDS Legal Aid Network provides free legal assistance to people at risk, or living with HIV and their families across Eastern Europe and Central Asia. 

Prize amount: $50,000

Innovation: HIV/AIDS Legal Aid Network develop an online platform that will create much-needed informational links between service providers and NGOs that support key populations in Eastern Europe and Central Asia.