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View Challenges & Register

View our current challenges

and select one to enter via

Challenges page.

You will be directed to the

PAC Community portal where

you can register or log in to

start an application.

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Start An Application

Once registered in the PAC Community, you can

connect with fellow solvers to share ideas and

collaborate on an application. Ready to submit an

entry right away? No problem.

Our challenges follow the application process below:

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Submit a concept note for a challenge to provide a

summary of your innovation. You can seek input on

your concept note from other community members

or submit right away.

Concepts are shortlisted to progress to the next stage

by the PAC team based on the challenge criteria.

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The best eligible concepts are invited to submit

a Full Application. This stage requires more detail

about the development and implementation

of your innovation.

This is the final stage for applicants before

the judging process begins.

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Full Applications will be reviewed, shortlisted

and judged by the PAC judging panel to select

winner(s) according to the challenge criteria.

Winners will be announced on the Winners page

and in the PAC Community.

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Challenge Prizes

Our challenges offer two types of prize:

Incubation prize. Incubation prizes encourage

untested ideas to be piloted to obtain proof of concept

data before scale-up or wider implementation

is possible for the idea.

Grand prize. Grand prizes award fully-formed

innovations (with proof of concept, data and/or

field testing) to allow immediate implementation,

up-take and scale-up.

Each challenge will indicate the

applicable prize type and value.